O Scale Logging and Mining Stuff

  • RRLE-O-07

    Here we have our latest 3D printed Flywheel Set. You get 3 different sizes of the flywheels. These can be used as flywheels in a belt driven system. Or as I like to use them as a great piece of junk, just rust them up and lean them against a building or placed in a junk pile. Click on the DETAIL button below and see how I added them to junk piles on a diorama I'm working on. The prints are unpainted.

  • RRMN-O-01

    Here is the O scale complete mining set. It includes the two mining cars one with ore and one empty, Then a set of mine track 2 straight and one switch and Miner Mike what a deal. Castings are unpainted. All resin casting.

  • RRMN-O-02

    Here you can buy the O scale two mining cars one with ore and one empty. Castings are unpainted. All resin casting.

  • RRMN-O-03

    Here you can buy the O scale track set it includes tow straight pieces and one switch. Castings come unpainted. All resin casting..

  • RRLE-O-02

    Here are 3 old engines that would look good in the shop or outside as junk. Each engine is a one piece casting so no assembly required. The castings come unpainted.

  • RRMS-O-22

    Here is a scene of a model CAT 30. As you can see the radiator has been removed and is laying on the ground. This CAT can be setting in a field turning to rust or behind a tractor repair shed. The possibilities are limitless. The casting is unpainted. Check out all the detail throughout. Measures 4" by 3" by 1 1/2" tall.

  • RRJP-O-08

    This casting is an old abandoned steam two drum winch. This piece of equipment has been left to rust away in the wildness. I love coming up on abandoned equipment like this. As you can see one of the drums is missing and all kinds of junk is laying around. The casting measures 4 1/2" long by 4" wide and 1" tall.

  • RRJP-O-14

    Here is a junk pile for a logging or mining outfit. Check out the detail on this one. This casting is 4 1/2" by 4 1/2". All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRLE-O-01

    This is a stand alone steam donkey. The casting is shipped in two pieces the base and the boiler. This will make a unique scene for your railroad. All resin casting and comes unpainted. The casting measures 6 1/2" long by 2 1/8" wide and 4" high.

  • RRLE-O-03

    Here is a quick little conversion kit to take the Bachmann Log Skidder. The kit contains the skidder bottom and a water tank. You need to purchase the Bachmann Log Skidder model to complete the conversion. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRLE-O-05

    Here is the kit for the Bates Crawler. Assembly required. Measures 3" long by 2" wide. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRPR-O-04

    Here is Bill the tractor driver this guy is in 4 separate pieces you assemble the legs, torso and arms you can position him as you wish. Also if have a hairdryer you can heat him up and change him how every you want. The casting comes unpainted.

  • RRSP-O-02

    Here is a Steam Boiler check out the detail. This could be used in Logging, Mining or any industry that needs some steam power. The boiler is a one piece casting with a metal tube for the stack. The boiler casting w/o the stack measures 2 3/4" high. All resin casting unpainted.

  • RRSP-O-09

    Here is an O scale square water tank you can use anywhere. This little gem is a single piece casting. Measures 2" by 1 1/4" by 1 3/8" tall. Casting is unpainted and man is not included.