RRS-O-05 New O Scale Loggers/Miners Tent Cabin

These were easy to build and place for workers to have a place to stay out of the elements. This Tent Cabin also comes with accessories.

Check out RRS-O-05 Loggers/Miners Tent Cabin NOW!

RRTK-O-05 New O Scale Dump Truck

Here is a Dump truck on the 1934 Ford truck chassis. This truck is painted and weathered and ready to place on your layout.

Check out RRTK-O-05 Dump Truck NOW!

RRS-H-04 New HO Scale Warehouse Building

his is a hollow building you get four sides to assemble and the two roof pieces. Check out the detail on the building walls.

Check out RRS-H-04 Warehouse Building NOW!

RRS-H-02 New HO Scale Lumber Camp Cook House

Here is our new HO scale lumber camp cook house.

Check out RRS-H-02 Cook House NOW!

RRWB-H-10 New HO Scale Workbench

This is a set of four different truck bodies you can add to you existing trucks like Jordan or wheel work trucks.

Check out RRWB-H-10 Workbench NOW!

RRSP-O-03 New O Scale Drill Press

This is our first offering of a 3D printed part. The drill press has all its levers and the smallest detail.

Check out RRSP-O-03 Drill Press NOW!