HO Scale Building Parts

  • RROH-H-01

    Classic old Out Houses to enhance any scene. 3 piece set. All resin castings.

  • RRBP-H-01

    For the HO crowd this time we have a created the O scale building vents in HO scale had a lot of HO guys asking for these. You see the three vent and you get two of each so six vents in all. Also get ready for some cool window sets coming. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRBP-H-02

    Here we have some Dust Collectors that will fit on the roof and side of your shops and factories. You get one of each. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRBP-H-03

    Here are a set of vents for your building roofs. It comes with 2 cyclone vents in different sizes and a other vent. You get to 3 vents times 2 so you end up with 6 vents in all. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRBP-H-04

    Here is a square vent that goes on the side of a industrial building. The vent casting measures 2 1/4" long by 5/8" wide. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRBP-H-05

    Here are four cracked sidewalk sections. The sidewalk casting measures 2 3/8" long by 3/4" wide. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRBP-H-06

    Here are a set of different size vents for your building roofs. The set comes with cyclone vents, square vents and two brick chimmeys. Castings come unpainted.