HO Scale Boxes and Stuff

  • RRBS-H-01

    Here is a lot of 30 separate small boxes the will fit on and freight dock or warehouse. Also I have had requests to build castings of boxes in open box cars. The problem being that with all the different cars hard to make something that fits all. So this way you can make you own load with these boxes. Castings are resin and come unpainted.

  • RRBS-H-02

    Here we have created castings of 4 stacks of boxes for the freight house or warehouse. You get four different stacks of boxes. Castings are resin and come unpainted.

  • RRBS-H-03

    This is a package of Oil Drums in several styles, Wooden Barrels, Trash Cans, Oil Drums with scrape wood in them and a Boiler. Castings are resin and come unpainted.

  • RRBS-H-04

    These are the old coke machines that I remember as a kid. This was before everything was in cans. Sizes are 1/2" by 3/8" and 3/8" tall; the standup machine is 3/8" by 1/4" by 7/8" tall. You get two of each machine in a packet that is four machines for the one price. Remember these were everywhere.

  • RRSF-H-03

    Storage bins full of junk. Two piece set. All resin unpainted casting.

  • RRSP-H-02

    Small steam boiler, you get a single boiler with a small metal tube and top. Boiler is 5/8" at the base and 2" high. All resin unpainted casting.