O Scale - RRS-O-10

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    Here is a small shack for the O scale guys. This shack could be for a miners shack or loggers would be home in this shack. This is an easy to build model the shack is four walls with a positional door and then add the roof that you can make removable as you can see in the pictures above. A metal stove pipe is included. A lot of extra detail molded into the shack walls like the work beach and car radiator. The kit also comes with 6 separate castings you can place anywhere around your shack, check the pictures. The castings of course are not painted. The base and the figure are not included. The shack measures 3" by 2" by 2 1/2" tall. This shack can be a little diorama by itself.

    Click here to get simple painting instructions that come in the kit.

    Price: $25.00