O Scale - RRS-O-08

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    The shack is hollow you assemble the four walls and has a removable roof. It also comes will a positional door, as you can see I left mine ajar. These shacks were made out of what ever wood and used building materials a guy could find. Not a lot of curb appeal, but functional. I'm sure the insulation was old newspaper. As a bonus you get the shack detail to place anywhere you want around the shack. A metal stovepipe is also included. Above are pictures you can check out with and without the shack details. This could be a hobo shack or at a mining site should be able to fit your needs. The castings are unpainted and the figure is not included. The shack measures 3 1/2" by 2 1/4" by 2" tall. This shack can be a little diorama by itself.

    Price: $22.00