HO Scale Figure Sets

  • RRFS-H-01

    These guys are different and unique. If they sell well, more sets will follow. You get a traveler, guy reading newspaper, boss, 49er, guy tipping his hat and guy in coat smoking a cigar. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRFS-H-02

    Here is figure set #2. It will be 6 figures again. From the left is 'Lefty' in a double breasted suit with a violin case, the carpenter just add a hammer, store clerk taking order, traveler with bag, a lady doing what ladies like shopping and a guy holding up a stick (we are not sure who is holding who up). They are sold unpainted.

  • RRFS-H-03

    Here is figure set #3. They just keep coming. This set has a guy holding a tray of parts, then a guy holding his bedding, a well dressed traveler, a woman in a hurry, and a guy moving a barrel and a store clerk washing a window. They are sold unpainted.