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       I started this page to share my new On30 layout. I do not at this time have a
     name for the layout. This is a small layout that is 12' long and comes out 7 1/2'
     from the wall at both ends . I will add a diagram of the track plan later. The
     lower level has a point to point track for shays and a small loop for porters
     and other small critters. The upper track  with be a loop for porters and small
     critters with several turnouts. The bottom track is in and running with out a
     problem. I'm currently working on the top level that will have several different
     types of bridges. Then the hard shell and the fun starts with the scenery. Below
     you will find photos of the layout as it progresses. This is going to be a 1930's
     era railroad and will have a small town with logging and mining sites. I think
     this layout will show what you can do in a small space.

     Also I want to mention that Michael Jones from Granite Creek designed the
     track plan. I'm a scenery and detail man but not good at making a good running
     railroad. So it is with Michaels help that I will have a easy running and easy to
     maintain railroad.

     I have had a few people ask about the track plan for the layout.  This layout
    does a lot for such a  small area. I now can run two trains easy without difficult
    switching etc. If you have any other  questions just contact me.


     Here is the trestle from the lower level. This is the first thing you see as you walk
     into the room. There are two other bridges on the lower level.


Here are a coupe shots showing the upper level and the backdrop I chose.


    Here is shot of a porter going over the large trestle.


   Here are some picture of the rock casting by the big trestle.


   And now the fun starts the scenery is going in.


   Here are some scenery shots around the trestle.


  Upper Track and the first mountain above the trestle.


New pictures with the black boarder really defines the edge of the layout


The next hill


 New stuff for July


   Here is a Stoney Creek model that I cut down in length about a third. Then instead of
   tar paper siding like in the original plans I added wood siding and shingles on the roof.
   Not quite done.



  Pictures of the outside layout under construction.


   Here are the latest pictures of the inside layout. Hope you enjoy them. The first picture
   on the left is a lift out section. Hard to see the break. Also some pictures of the buildings
   for the 'Dog Town'. Using a lot of natural rock and painting it.

    Here are some new pictures of the layout and this cool On30 Custom BACHMANN Gas
from a company called Modelzona check them out on our links
    page. Tim will whip you up one of these great little models in no time and for a great price.


    This section is a complete lift out section to access any problems. Of course that is our
     new shack in the valley.

      Here are some shots of the outside layout the upper track is now down and waiting
     for trestles. Some of the plants are starting to take hold and experimenting with trees. 

   Also starting on the town and some of the buildings. This town will be build on hills and
   bad news for the  town drunks they just won't see that drop off. This will be one of those
   wild and wooly towns. Lots of women and drinks for everyone (of course if you can pay).

    With the help of a friend we redesigned the town and came up with a better layout.
    Wanted to make a town with the high curbs and walkways. Also a building layout that
    makes you look at different angles to see more detail. Here are some shots below.
    What is cool is that the whole town will come off to work on or service the track below.
    Notice the pegs to make sure the town goes back to where it belongs.

  Here are some current pictures of the mining town





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